SAMPURNA - Non-Governmental Organization- towards Total Development

Founded in 1993, Sampurna is a non-governmental organization with its head office in Delhi, working for empowering the entire womanhood.. Sampurn (संपूर्ण) literally means ‘complete’. Following the very principle of complete development, Sampurna was set up to provide holistic support to women and children.

With the mission to empower women who form the very foundation of our society and children who will eventually lead us into the future, we strategically work and emphasize on ending violence against them, promoting gender-equitable society, enhancing inclusive education, increasing accessible quality healthcare and providing stable livelihood opportunities. Following a right-based sustainable approach, which not only meets a woman's immediate need for support but goes beyond, we encourage her to become self-confident, self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Our Projects

Sampurna Women

Sampurna women seeks to undertake research on gender in an interdisciplinary framework. The objective of the research centre is to create a vibrant space for young researchers, community social workers, academicians, activists, students concerned with the issues of gender, violence, sexuality, gender equality and rehabilitation in society.


Sampurna has organized numerous insightful workshops and seminars throughout the years to create awareness about pressing subjects that need to be addressed in order to have an impactful reach and a positive outcome in the society.


Sampurna aims to better the situation of women in India by bringing about practical and tangible changes at the grassroot level. Following the bottom- up approach, Sampurna conducts training sessions, research projects and advocacy camps and reveal the causes and encourage the formation of solutions to issues such as domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, child abuse and sexual harassment.

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Masks made and distributed by Sampurna SHGs


Girls & Women trained under Gender Empowerment & Safety Training program


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